Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mismo Magical

Well another weekend in Missoula has come and gone again. This one was a blast again. We left in the morning around 11. got there at 3 (wow. that was quick, huh). then we unpacked and played 4-card! Jakob stomped every one both times and only had to take one pile and the pile was only one card! then we went to Taco Bell (and wasted 2-3 dollars trying to get free stuff). Our friend Ryker Shaw was with us and he ate 3 soft tacos. This is amazing because he is not the biggest Knife in the drawer. then we back tracked to the hotel. The Boys then got ready for the meet. we back tracked again to the meet (the gym was just past Taco Bell). we were in the gym for the next 3-4 hours cheering for our squad. there were some level 10's there and they had some pretty sweet tricks. it was fun. Brigham got 5th in the AA (level 6 ages 10 and under), Britton got 5th (level 8), and Sean got 4th in the AA(level 6 11 and up), too. we then went to iHop (but guess what Brig, iJump)and were there eating til a quarter after midnight. we got back to the hotel at 12:30. went to bed. slept til 8:30. ate breakfast. Then we went to the water park. They had two water slides, one that was fast for the big people and a slower one for everybody. Britton, Brigham, Emily S., Jessica S., and Me (Jakob) (Sean a little too) jammed up the big one. by this we mean that one of us would go down the slide the another would come til we had a couple people. then we would go down and do it again. on the slower slide we would race and jam it too. we would have 2 people race then the loser would stop so it looked like they didn't double ride. it was a blast and we all loved it. we left around noon. drove a couple hours to Dillon, Montana, there we ate at pizza hut. we got back on the road and I think only Britton and Jakob fell asleep. and during that time period who knows what happened? we got bak at 6 then felt good the rest of the day!I'd Say one blast of a weekend!

Sean, Britton, and Brigham on Harley Davidsons

Jakob on a Harley

Britton on a Harley

Sorry we couldn't down load any Vids. get them soon for real this time.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

MASH at Mismo

Another gymnastics meet has come and gone. Sean took 6th in the all around wit ha 76.5. Mom says he had really good form just the Judges...(and the Refs...) weren't that great. he got a 14.3 on floor, 10.7 on pommell, 12.8 on rings, 14.2 on Vault, 11.4 on Parallel bars, and 13.1 on high bar.
these are way better scores than i would ever dream of getting. The pics are coming soon!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mom's first post!

This blog is written by Diana--my first one--all the rest have been done by Jakob. It has been a fun and crazy time with all the kids activities. Sean has been to two gymnastics competitions so far in Utah and Boise. Hannah went with us to Utah where we stayed with Kay and Carla. Sean absolutely loves staying with them because they really are such great people and they play Cranium with him every time. However, this year we broke tradition and went to the Draper Utah Temple Open House with them and James and Jerrica. That was wonderful! Sean did well at the competition placing 4th all-around with a 2nd place finish on the vault as his best event. In Boise, he got a good rip on his right hand on his second event which he says affected the rest of the meet. He placed 7th all-around. I'm proud of him and all his hard work. I'm just waiting for the day when he can go all the way down in his splits!

Carla, Kay, Jerrica, James, Sean, and Hannah in the church waiting for the "Red" Bus

Sean working the rings in Utah.

And Jakob has a game every Tuesday and Thursday. Of course, I want to go to all of them and it makes life very difficult! His team has been doing really well. They have won all their games, but one. . .to Sandcreek, and they just lost by 2 points. It's great to see all the team's hard work paying off for them.

Jakob making an easy bucket against Taylorview on his birthday!

Yesterday was a red-letter day at our house. It was Sean's 12th B-day and our ward had a temple baptism assignment. The bishop obliged us by ordaining him yesterday afternoon just before the temple trip, so he could go. So, after our family get-together at 2:30, we hustled over to the church for his ordination and for Jakob to be advanced in the priesthood to the office of a teacher. What an awesome thing it is to see your children living righteously and following Heavenly Father's plan for them. I hope they continue to make many good memories together throughout the Young Men's program.

Jakob, Mom, and Dad before Jakob is ordained to the office of a teacher.

The whole family after Sean's ordination.

January birthdays

Yesterday on the 31 of January it was Sean's Birthday. He was at his Gymnastics competition and we were at Grandpa Wilson's house, but we went home to get the house cleaned for the party. By the time Mom and Sean got home at 1:00 the house was looking pretty darn good (thanks to the Amazing Cleaning job done by the Wilson Family Slaves... aka the kids) so when Mom and Sean walked in all we had to do was pull out the goodies, tie the balloons down, arrange the living room for a bigger capacity, and wait for all the guests to arrive (which seemed to take forever). Sean got some pretty sweet presents like The Vulcan EBF-25 ( an automatic machine nerf gun), 20 smackeroo's from Grandma and Pockey, 5 bucks from Grandpa and Grandma Wilson, a sharp looking suit, a Wii nerf game (bought with his money from his Grandparents), Wii play, a mess kit, a dinner at Gringo's and the priesthood (now that he is 12 and can be a Deacon). I got a sweet scrapbook (for good memories), Rock Band 2 (instead of Mario Party 8 and get a load of this... I have to pay my parents back!!!!! just kidding but i told them that i would work the money back so they get a good deal for their money), a suit too, a dinner and Dixie's Diner ( formerly known as The 5 and Diner), and the priesthood of a Teacher. We also got to go to the Rexburg Temple to do baptisms for the dead (the trip took 3 hours and Sean and me got split up :( so he was one of the first and i was one of the last to go).

Sean's new birthday suit!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Swimming At Green Canyon

The start of our annual Green Canyon trip on Human Rights Day kicked off with a bang. Abby and Berrett enjoyed themselves on the diving board, while us older kids cheered them on and played chicken, shot hoops, and enjoyed ourselves on the one day break. it was a day full of chilling in the hot tub/coldpool, or racing laps vs. the other cousins ( and don't race Jaimee in the Front Crawl because she will kick your tail!! and Britton, Brigham, and Sean can take anyone in tricks off the Diving board.) My Mom took tons of snapshots of the trip. Here are the best ones:

Look at that flying Goose. (looks like Rocket, Huh Bear)

Watch Bear do the wiggle at 6 seconds

Cam and Hannah chillin' in the pool

Seans Birthday Party 2009 Part 2

The Joker Cake. Nice Smile !!! =) Decorated by Sean himself!

Our Amazing Hosts!!
The Classic Brother-Sister Match up! Go Zeke and Banana!! Now Who has the Gun power? Sean does!!
Not another Gun!! I'm Just Kidding, Sean!

Somebody get the "Foam Pit Guard!!!" :)

Seans Birthday Party 2009 Part 1

For Seans 12th B-Day this year we decided to give him a party at the gymnastics center. It was a hit in his book. He could invite ten friends (not including family members) and they could do whatever they wanted at the gym (except Rock Climbing. Which was a big bummer). We were fortunate of being able to pick our gym teacher/guest person/host. So we Got Tyler and Kira. They did a wonderful job and even went overboard on making an obstacle course for everyone to enjoy. This obstacle course was awesome to do, it was a great job done by those two. Sean had two cakes because of the amount of people there so one of them was a Joker cake and the other one was a smiley face =) Most of the kids thought the Joker cake was spectacular and just had to have a piece. I was pretty amazed at how much fun everyone had. Even Berrett did something he liked.

You can't Catch the Birthday Boy

Bear is practicing to be a Future Olympian